Lessons From My Daughter

Fifteen years ago today I sat in my white Pontiac sports car doing my breathing exercises while my husband ordered Taco Bell. It was four in the morning and he was hungry. The doctor told us we had plenty of time before the baby would arrive, even though my water had broken three hours earlier. “Get that food away from me!” I growled in my best demonic voice. We were barely adults and a new little life was on her way to rock our our world.

She sat there in my arms, staring up at me with her wide blue eyes. She was studying every inch of my face. Calm, alert, peaceful, her name was Arielle. I held her close and tried to convince myself that I was a mother.

Here is what she has taught me so far:

1. You must honor people for who they truly are and not expect them to be just like you.

2. Smiling opens doors that would otherwise be closed.

3. There is a light within that illuminates with praise and encouragement.

4. When life shocks you, be brave.

5. Don’t cry for what you have lost, ask yourself how to use what you have.

6. We live our life in phases…live in the moment not the past or future.

7. Music is never too loud and no matter how young you may feel, if you have a teenager, you’re old!

Happy Birthday Arielle!


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  1. barbrausin
    Sep 20, 2008 @ 18:00:02

    Arielle’s lessons
    She’s taught this old grandma a lot, too. Nice for me to have such a great role model!


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