The Hermit and the Peace Ruin-er

I remember the day I first saw him. I was nineteen years old, sitting in the lobby of an apartment building waiting to be interviewed for a leasing agent position. He came off the elevator, long blonde hair and big bright smile. “Hello!” …  “Hi!” (Eyebrows raised ) All that time ago I thought I was going to be a famous actress and he a notorious musician. We held each other and our dreams in our hearts.

Reality, we’re living in Florida, computer genius, teacher, two children and our own personal zoo thanks to the crazy cat lady. (that’s me) About a month ago my husband came home from a piano lesson with the kids. I spent the morning in our silent house writing. Instantly his presence was known. From the time he opened the front door singing, clonking down the tiled hall, to storming through my door with that same bright smile. The house was quiet no more. I jokingly named him Peace Ruin-er. He loved it admitting that at work he was known as “Psychotically Optimistic.”

Yesterday he called me a hermit. “Come and join the living downstairs.” I was in my fictional world. I remember an author friend of mine saying she has “hermit- like tendencies.” Me too, I suppose- Peace Ruin-er loves loud hard rock music. Hermit enjoys soft easy listening. Peace Ruin-er thrives in a crowd and wants to speak to everyone. Hermit prefers sitting quietly and watching. Peace Ruin-er jumps out of airplanes and rides rollercoasters. Hermit’s perfect adventure is horseback riding along a beautiful mountain path.

What brings these two souls together? Well, I’m not sure if Hermit has brought any quiet to Peace Ruin-er. But Peace Ruin-er constantly reminds Hermit to live in the NOW…. Whether he picks me up and spins me around or blasts Billy Joel (the only music we agree on) throughout the house. He is saying “Live!” It’s good to be contemplative, as long as you have a Peace Ruin-er as your alarm clock.


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