Law of Attraction Gone Awry (Sorry Good Morning America!)

Six am. and Elle and I are rushing out into the New York City streets to watch Good Morning America. No time for coffee. We get in line and all is going well….with the exception of some slightly drunk overly friendly band members from California.

Elle and I are in the studio, front row watching, waiting, fascinated by the cameras and lights. Of course my cell phone is off because true to the nature of first born’s, I’m a strict rule follower.

Diane Sawyer comes out. She is stunning. We didn’t have a camera for a quick picture but we did have a cell phone. Rushing, we are the last to get a picture and return to our spot in the studio. We wait a little longer for the last on camera bits. I have this nagging thought. “What if Eric calls me in the middle of the show?” I feel embarrassment just thinking about it. I take out my cell and turn it off.

Did I mention I hadn’t had any coffee? Well, all four hosts stood in front of us.Lights are bright and it’s quiet.Three, two one… Suddenly…..Grace Potter and the Nocturnals are heard loud and clear. Elle turns around, “It’s your phone!” I start fumbling in the background like an idiot trying to turn it off. My hands are shaking. My face bright red. I don’t think I have ever been so humiliated. As soon as the shot was over Elle and I bolted out the door. I didn’t say a word due to shock. I should have said “I’m so sorry!”

It turns out Kai and Eric were confused as to exactly what time Kai had to be at the bus stop.Eric’s timing was impeccable. I made sure I had lots of coffee after leaving the show and was instructed by Elle on exactly how to turn off a cell phone. Apparently, my phone was locked when I tried to turn it off.

For now, I’m going to think that someone from Good Morning America will see this and accept my apology.


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