Okay, my self imposed editing due date was unrealistic. It turns out my eyes can’t stare at a computer screen for more than five hours before everything becomes blurry. Yesterday, I finished and lovingly placed my novel in the mail. I wanted to hug my story good bye and tell it to have a safe trip. Instead I wiped my eyes, went home, and remembered I had a hundred other things that needed my attention,including one very determined daughter who insisted we go to the gym and the track.

This morning my friend called. “Are we going to breakfast?” A local coffee shop offers half price breakfasts on Wednesdays. It’s becoming our tradition. Well…I was planning on writing, but I knew I was going to write about friendship. So, breakfast was really like research!…

We met when our children were going to A Happy Beginnings nursery school. A very happy beginning it was, not only for our children, but for the parents as well. All those years ago we would pick our kids up at noon and gather at one of our homes for lunch and companionship. Story time at the library, music class with Ms. Amy, tee-ball, biddy basketball, birthday parties, singing at my grandmother’s retirement home, we did it all and formed a bond stronger than time.

Soon our oldest children were in elementary school. Our lives went in various directions but we always made time for each other. We were different in many ways. Republican, Democrat, religious, atheist, single parents, married couples, ten adults with fourteen children. We called ourselves, “the play group.” The common thread that ran through our lives was our love and devotion for our children and each others children.

I am blessed with many memories of our play group. One memory that holds dear to my heart is the time right after Arielle’s accident. Our family was experiencing our own personal tornado. Our playgroup came to our rescue. One friend drove for four hours in the middle of the night to get to Arielle in intensive care. My husband and I were still trying to return from Mexico. Others built ramps, painted and decorated a new bedroom for Arielle on our first floor, took care of our house and pets, and they all drove to Orlando to spend time with us in the hospital.

When Arielle and I were alone at rehab they took turns coming to visit us on the weekends. They made sure our son Kai was well taken care of and they called daily to offer hope and encouragement. They showed me what it means to love. They showed me true friendship.

Our little pre- schoolers are highschoolers now. Tee-ball and story time have been relaced by homecoming dances, band, OM, clubs, and track. We are busy with every day life, but when we all get together it’s magical. Our bond strengthens.We know what we share is special. We know that no matter what we are going through there is someone who cares. We know that despite our unique personalities and idiosyncrasies we are accepted and cherished.We know that our children will always be loved and protected by their playgroup family.

Thank you guys! I love you with all my heart!


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