Do You Remember?

Do you remember when we held hands and watched our feet sink into the wet sand?

I discovered sea gulls love the beach as much as I do.

We were dancing on the shore with the waves tickling our toes.

Do you remember when I climbed to the highest branch of your Banyan tree?

I discovered birds are lucky they have wings!

We were playing hide and seek on a sunny spring morning.

Do you remember when we baked Nicky a giant dog biscuit for her eighth birthday?

I discovered dogs love birthdays as much as people do!

We were covered in flour, singing happy birthday to our best friend.

Do you remember when I cried because it felt like my ear was going to explode?

I discovered I love snuggling close in your arms.

We were rocking in your old brown chair dressed in our footsie pajamas.

Do you remember when I begged you to read my favorite story a bazillion times?

I discovered words could make you feel like you were flying to the moon!

We were sitting underneath the stars with our flashlight, listening to the cricket symphony.

Do you remember when I stood like a statue on the edge of the pool?

I discovered diving wasn’t as easy as I thought.

We were splashing in the glistening water listening to the birds sing.

Do you remember when we took shiny wrapped presents to the hospital?

I discovered giving gifts made my heart glow.

We were smiling in the elevator.

Do you remember when your whole house smelled like hot buttered popcorn?

I discovered popcorn and movies go together like peanut butter and jelly.

We were lying on our tummies with our feet swaying, giggling between mouthfuls.

Do you remember when you watched me play piano on stage?

I discovered my stomach could do somersaults!

We were discussing my future as a famous musician.

Do you remember when you said, “I love you?”

I discovered the words good bye made my heart hurt.

We were hugging each other tight and I whispered, “I will always remember.”

To Virginia and Everett Keen and Jessie and John Dondero- One day I will show my grandchildren the love you have shown me.

By Krista Rausin


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