Two Thoughts or More

It’s late and I am usually a morning writer, but all day I waited for some quiet and it never happened. I happily had a house full of kids.

Two things happened this past week that caught my attention and taught me a little lesson so I am going to share them.

Arielle asked me once, “Why does daddy always read those inspirational books?” I thought for a second. She was right. Eric reads books on how to succeed in life and business at least once a month. He’s been doing it for years. I knew instantly how to explain the reason why it’s necessary to keep reading these books. I asked her why we keep going to the gym. Why not go for a few weeks and learn the exercises and be done with it? Our mind needs that same kind of practice, otherwise we fall back into old habits. She understood. She got me thinking about Eric’s books and I picked up his latest. Extreme Success by Rich Fettke.

I read about a man who was training for a karate tournament. In order to get his body in shape he would count calories and fat intake along with a rigorous workout schedule. He would not allow himself to have any beer during this time. Most people hide the food they don’t want to eat or drink. Out of sight, out of mind- But he places several beers in the front of his fridge. He opens the door and congratulates himself for having a strong mind. Every time he refuses the beer and succeeds, he gains strength to get him through the next day. I thought this was brilliant. I am not a dieter but I loved this way of viewing a challenge. See yourself as strong and congratulate yourself several times a day for being strong. You win every day instead of trying to get through a significant amount of time with a possible prize at the end. I like it!

Of course I had to share it with Elle who then said, “Let’s do it!” Now I get to congratulate myself everyday for not eating sweets.Do you know how much Halloween candy I have in my house? Her race is on Tuesday. Wednesday is chocolate day no matter what the scale says!-

I’ll have to write more on Monday. My eyes are closing. I’m not quite the night writer I used to be.
Tomorrow we are off to Miami to see the Dolphins play. My first pro football game ever…..I think.
I’m sure the Dolphins will get lots of homeruns.


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