Send Us Your Cutest Names!

Everything I needed to know about life I learned from a stray kitten.

1. When you’re lost, be brave. The Universe will send help.

2. Trusting someone can be difficult but it will make your life a lot happier.

3. People will see your true beauty even when you look your worst.

4. Make some noise when you want to be recognized.

5. Love and love will be returned.

6. Change can be frightening. It’s okay to sit quietly and take it all in until you’re ready to investigate.

7. Don’t worry about anything. If you see an opportunity to pounce or play, take it!

My story begins several months ago when Eric and I were out to dinner. Eric says I have an unusual talent for spotting stray cats. I’m simply observant and unfortunately there arestray cats all over Cape Coral and Ft. Myers. It breaks my heart when I find them and I do all I can to catch them, fix them, and take care of them. Thus the name, The Crazy Cat Lady.

I looked out my window of the restaurant and saw a tiny kitten in the bushes. “Look!” Eric quietly shook his head because he knew what was coming. When he proposed many, many years ago he added into his proposal…  “and we can have as many pets as you want.”

We finished dinner and I asked for scraps to try and catch the kitten. I was surprised at the complacency of the restaurant personnel. They knew the kitten was out there and didn’t feel obligated to help it. I think they were under the misconception that a feral cat or kitten cannot be tamed. They brought me some scraps and Eric and I stood outside for at least an hour trying to catch this little kitten. Seeing our diligence inspired one of the restaurant hosts to join us and ask questions about ferral cats. Finally, the mosquitoes got the best of us and I knew this kitten was not going to allow us to catch him. Fortunately there was a little bit of landscaping around the restaurant to protect the kitten from traffic. I told the young man at the restaurant to keep feeding the kitten and eventually he would be able to catch him and care for him. This young man showed concern and I took that as a good sign.

Eric and I got into our car to go home. I felt defeated. I clung to the hope that the young man was kind hearted enough to help the tiny kitten he was going to see every day at work. Now, are you reading this Jack Canfield? I thought to myself….I’ll never know if that kitten gets the help it needs. Then I thought, I know it will and he will find a good home. It seemed like a far fetched wish or thought but I wanted to someday know that this kitten had found a loving home. I laughed at myself. How could that be possible? Faith…belief….positive thoughts… it what you will, but this is what happened.

Three months later I asked my son if he wanted to bring one of his friends from his previous school to the Skate Night at his new school. Of course he did so we picked him up and headed to BK (sorry Elena, they have veggie burgers) for a quick dinner. In the car, Kai’s friend Alec says, “We have a new cat. He used to live under the Bahama Breeze restaurant.” I couldn’t believe my ears. This was the kitten! Alec just blurted it out. We weren’t even talking about animals.How could that be possible?I took a deep breath and questioned Alec about his new cat. It really was the same kitten. I got my wish. I learned that this precious kitten had a good home. But wait….the story doesn’t end there….

We get to BK and go up to the counter. We are the only customers. Suddenly, I look over at the glass doors and there’s this tiny kitten meowing and raising it’s front paws on the door. See the cute face above. That’s her. We all go outside and she runs and hides in the bushes. Burger King is on 41, one of our busiest streets and there is only a small patch of dirt and bushes in front of the restaurant.I knew I had to catch this kitten or it would most likely get run over. It took some time and a hamburger, but the boys and I were successful. We got her into a box and brought her home.

She’s beautiful, shy, and yipee! uses a litter box. She’s living in Kai’s room until she’s ready to meet the rest of our zoo. If there’s anyone reading this who can offer her a lifetime loving home, please contact me. We already have five male cats who were once strays like her.
I do need suggestions for a name. So if your allergic or your house is full please send us some of your ideas for a name.You can leave a comment or email me at

I know my house is full of pets.I know it makes no sense to take on another mouth to feed and more vet bills. I know I will have to spend more time cleaning. But more importantly, I know that when an animal or another person needs help, I must act.

Today is Tuesday…Happy Veterans’ Day!…and it’s race day! That means I can have chocolate tonight. I’m going to need it after watching Elle race down a bridge in her racing chair. Crazy Kid! She loves it.


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