Thanksgiving Pizza?

My husband and I have rediscovered grocery shopping together. Once long long ago when it was just the two of us we would spend hours in the fancy California markets looking at all the cool fruits, vegetables and of course chocolate from around the world. As life rolled on and our lives became like race cars speeding around a circular track, we took turns shopping and grabbing quickly from market shelves.

This year I screamed, “Stop!” and magically we are back to perusing around the grocery store. Well, it’s not the fancy California market. It’s Walmart now because we have IPods, computers,piano lessons,and two college tuitions coming in the future.

One reason I love shopping with my husband is because I am free to observe and daydream. He lifts heavy bags of dog and cat food, insists on pushing the cart, pays, and puts everything into the car. All I have to do is walk and talk,two of my favorite things!

Usually I am the idea person in the family. “Hey let’s go to Europe.”- “I think we should pressure wash the house this weekend.”- “Let’s get a kayak and see where our canal goes.” But as we strolled through Walmart Eric said, “I have an idea for a pizza.” I had just eaten two eggs and toast and my stomach was churning. Now, my husband is well aware that Arielle and I are vegetarians so I cringed a bit before asking, “What’s your idea?”

“Thanksgiving Pizza!”

Eric went on to describe his new future creation. Crescent rolls flattened for pizza crust. Stuffing, cranberries, and mashed potato toppings with turkey on only half of the pizza. The look on the check out girl’s face was priceless! It mirrored mine. The more Eric spoke, the more he convinced himself that his idea was brilliant despite the two scrunched up faces before him.

I guess this is what I get for suggesting a Tofurkey Thanksgiving. For those of you who have never tried tofurkey, it’s actually pretty good. If my husband goes through with his crazy idea and actually makes a Thanksgiving pizza, I’ll be sure to post some pictures. I’ll be the one eating the Greek salad.


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