Today is the BIG day! Twilight at midnight!

I can hear them downstairs. Do they ever stop talking? OMG! (Just kidding girls:)

Arielle and her friend Danielle are having a Thursday night sleepover because we have to see Twilight at midnight. (They couldn’t open the movie on a Saturday???) Anyway, I am excited for them and I’m excited for Stephenie Meyer. I am having a second cup of coffee for the event. My husband and son are going too because….well, why not make it a family event. Of course we won’t be sitting together. The high school girls do not want to be too close to the little brother or adults.

I can hear the teacher’s now…. “Those crazy parents let their children stay out and watch a movie until two in the morning and now they have no focus in class!” I know, I used to be that teacher and now I get to be the crazy parent.

I didn’t read Twilight but I understand it is about a vampire.My reading list is long and Lisa Yee gets priority because she made a comment on my journal. Any other author’s out there…feel free to comment.

Did you know there are many different categories of students in high school? There are far more than the three we had way back in the eighties. (Preppy, Druggie, Jock ) I was curious today and decided to ask as we shopped for pre movie munchies. First, they needed to know why I wanted to know. I assured them it was research for my next book.

Now a days we have the Emo which I mistakenly called Emu-That got a lot of “Wow you’re so uncool snickers”. There are the Skaters, Goth, Prep, Jock, JockPrep, Band Clique, Bizarre Kids, Manga Kids, Hippies, Punks, and Fashion Plates. That is one exhausting list. So I wanted to know where Danielle and Arielle fit in.  “Normal kids?” I asked hopefully. To which Danielle promptly replied “I’m normal, but not Arielle!”

In twenty years all these kids who are seeking identity will find themselves and these labels will be a thing of the past. All that will remain will be memories of fun times with friends. I’m just a lucky enough mom to be able to share in the memory.

I know I ended this quick…I have to go make pizza’s before we leave for Twilight. “I’m like soo excited! OMG!!!” How was that Elle?


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