I left off with going to make pizza’s for the big night. I must say they turned out very well and never before have I had so many olives on one slice of pizza. After dinner I had to do everything I could to stay awake. At ten pm I started to wonder if a midnight movie was a good idea. Here’s what Kai looked like at ten.

    He was snoring!   So was Ollie.

Eric was downstairs drinking a Monster and eating a chocolate peanut butter brownie.
The girls were laughing and searching for pictures of Edward and Jacob. Finally, it was time to go. We figured we better get there early to wait in the long lines. When we got to the theatre, Eric and I had a good laugh. There were no lines and hardly anyone was outside. I was tempted to take a picture of the two theatre workers changing the outdoor posters. Arielle and Danielle shushed us and went inside. All week Eric and I had been listening to stories about how all the tickets to Twilight were sold out and how we had to get there early because it was going to be packed. We all brought several jackets, sure we would be out in the cold for over an hour.

 Getting ready to leave   The GOLDEN TICKETS!

We got in the car and I began bargaining with Eric. We can listen to your heavy metal playlist in the car on the way to the movie and back if you drive the girls to school at 6:30 am. Eric put on Natalie Merchant.

Here we are about to enter the theatre.
Notice the sign: Twilight 12:01

Arielle and Danielle went in first. They came back out elated! “It’s packed, hurry we have to get a seat.”
Packed it was. I guess because it was so cold outside, they let everyone in early. I think Eric got the prize for oldest male and Kai definitely youngest male. (Those crazy parents…what were they thinking)


We sat in front of Danielle and Arielle. It was the perfect spot to hear all the gasps of excitement when the male vampires and Jacob appeared.

I had two favorite parts in the movie. Since I hadn’t read the book the only thing I knew was that vampires were involved. Well, as soon as the Cullen’s entered the school cafeteria the crowd went wild and Danielle and Arielle shrieked. I was quite taken back by the appearance of the Cullen boys. But apparently all the young girls found them very appealing. (Young girls as in college age and our two high schoolers) Eric rolled his eyes and Kai giggled.

My second favorite part of the movie was when Stephanie Meyer made her appearance. The crowd went just as wild upon seeing her with her veggie plate. I thought that was very cool.

I had flashbacks of the summer my cousin Donna and I watched An Officer and a Gentleman over and over. I was the same age as Arielle and Richard Gere was the bomb! (Still kind of is…sorry Eric) The girls in the theatre were absolutely ga ga over the young men in this movie. I should have counted all the times Eric rolled his eyes. We didn’t think our daughter was boy crazy….until last night or early this morning!

The movie ended with a cliffhanger. Excellent planning Stephanie. I can guarantee long lines for the sequel. May I make a suggestion and say there would have been more people if the movie opened on a Saturday at 12:01. We were the only parents bringing high schoolers.

Look at those excited faces. This was right after the movie ended. 2:35 AM.

 We had to stop for a photo with Bella and Edward. 

Kai my two weeks from eleven year old, said in the car on the way home…”Could you two calm down, it’s almost three in the morning.”
Danielle and Arielle were talking, laughing ,oooing and ahhing all the way home. We had discussions on cutest men and just where Edward and Jacob fit in on a list of top ten future husbands. Arielle still insists that noone tops Ashton Kutcher. Danielle was discussing Jacob and Justin Timberlake. Guess what Eric was doing? Yes…rolling his eyes.

We returned home to a quiet vampireless neighborhood. I took one last photo before bed.
 I fell a sleep listening to the girls still talking downstairs. Eric told me to make sure he gets up when his alarm goes off. I love my hubby! What a guy..chick flick and driving the girls to school on his day off.

I had a great time. We all did. Thanks Stephanie Meyer!

I almost forgot. I have one movie note. I’m by far not a perfectionist as I’m sure there are errors in many of my articles. There is one thing I have to speak out on…If you are going to have an actor portray someone with a disability…please, please, please use the right type of wheelchair. I see this many times and it is obvious the industry is not hiring actual actors with disabilities because if they were they would tell them to get the right chair. People who are paralyzed do not use those bulky hospital wheelchairs. Wheelchairs actually have a lot of neat features now.-Research:)



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