MY Writing Buddy Has Returned!

Saturday afternoon I was at the gym trying yet again to accomplish a nine minute mile on the treadmill when much to my dismay my MP3 player died. I was forced to look at the televisions hanging from the ceiling. There was some show featuring a man out in the wilderness trying to survive. He was making a guitar trap. Me being the true vegetarian that I am hoped the little mouse he was trying to catch would be smart enough not to get caught. Eat a berry and be done with it! Don’t kill poor little Mickey. Anyway, this man in the woods saidsomething about seeing your world in a different way can help you reach your goals. I knew this but it was a good slap in the face. Even though I turned my world up side down by deciding to write full time instead of teach full time, I was falling into a rut. I hate ruts!

Sunday morning I woke up and decided to skip my computer session and sit outside on my pool deck admiring nature. This is what all the German tourists that stay in the house next door do every day. They even wear bathing suits in seventy degree weather. “BRRRRR” My husband joined me and we sat and watched the sea gulls hover, anxiously waiting for the old woman to come out and feed them scraps. (Just like my Grandma used to do) I said to Eric, “I miss the Pelican that used to come and hang out in our canal. He hasn’t been around for at least four or five months. I loved watching him dive and splash into the water. I wish he would come back again.” My desk with my computer is in our spare bedroom. While I worked on my novel, I would gaze out the window and see my buddy flying, floating or splashing into our canal. Seeing him brought me peace.

Our family went about our day. Around noon, I was folding clothes and I looked out my bedroom sliding glass door. I saw something floating in the canal. It was too big to be a duck and too wide to be a heron. I went out on my upstairs deck. It was my buddy!

My Writing Buddy!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was as if he was saying…. “You called?”

Later that day, look who else showed up.

 He brought a friend. Now I’m doubly inspired.

This morning I spotted him fishing from the neighbor’s sea wall.


See the dot in the water? That’s a turtle watching him fish.

 These are my boys wondering why in world I’m taking pictures outside on a Monday morning and not upstairs typing away. (Edison, Bob, Max and Merlin) They are really watching Nahla and Ollie sniff around the canal. I know what they’re thinking…”Stupid dogs-don’t you know you’ll get all wet if you go in there?”

I was watching Book TV last evening. I’m hooked. First I watched the National Book Awards and I listened to Mark Doty talk about his editor and agent. He said “They love the way the word gives voice to the soul.”    That’s why I write and that’s why I gaze out my window and notice. When I stop noticing, I’m in a rut. I hate ruts!

Here’s to a rut free week and a HAPPY THANKSGIVING to EVERYONE!!! Class of 88- Thank you for finding me on Facebook. It’s been wonderful reconnecting with you.



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