Love Is

This is a poem I wrote in 2006 after Eileen Spinelli asked me if I wrote poetry. I said no and then like a true half blooded Italian went to my room and wrote a poem. Why not? Suddenly, I remembered that I did write poetry. There was the poem about the little boy I babysat when I was twelve.There was the poem that I wrote after breaking up with my boyfriend when I was…..too young to have a boyfriend! My poems were scattered throughout my journals.

That evening after chatting with Eileen, I went back to my hotel room and sat in silence. I wrote about my grandfather. He had passed away ten years earlier but my pain from missing him was still fresh. It’s safe to say that I was missing my grandmother too. Even though she was in a nursing home, Alzheimer’s had taken her from me. My grandparents played a significant role in my life. We moved to Cape Coral so I could be with them in their final years. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

The poem changed several times over the years. The voice has always been too adult. With Valentine’s Day coming I thought I would change it once again and try to capture a child’s voice. Writing, like children, are works in progress.

Happy Valentine’s Day, may you show someone love.

Love Is



Do you remember when we watchedour feet disappear in the wet sand?

I sang out to the sea gulls that swooped down beside us.

I think love is a day at the beach with my smiling Grandma.


Do you remember when we baked Nicky a giant dog biscuit on her eighth birthday?

I was decorated from head to toe in smelly white flour.

I think love is acting silly with someone.



Do you remember when I climbed to the highest branch in your Banyan tree?

I imagined I had wings and could fly.

I think love is feeling free as a bird.



Do you remember when I cried because it felt like my ear was going to explode?

I snuggled tight in your lap.

I think love is feeling cozy.



Do you remember when I begged you to read my favorite story a bazillion times?

Your nose wrinkled all up when you laughed.

I think love is laughing until your belly hurts.



Do you remember when we made popcorn every Friday night?

You always let me pick the movie.

I think love is thinking about someone else.



Do you remember when my knees shook and I couldn’t jump in the water?

You smiled and opened your arms wide.

I think love is having a Grandma who will catch you when you jump.



Do you remember when we took pretty wrapped presents to the hospital?

I secretly wanted to open them myself.

I think love is giving when you want to keep.


Do you remember when I played the piano on stage?

I asked why you were crying.

I think love is being brave when your stomach is doing summersaults.


Do you remember when you said “I love you?”

I was hugging you with all my might wishing, good byes didn’t make me feel so bad.

I think love lives in happy memories.



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