I’m home….sweet home. This morning the kids are back in school and the house is quiet. I fed the cats to keep it that way.

Ideas ricochet in my mind. Where do I begin…editing, journaling, or a new adventure? Since today is volunteer with third graders day, I have chosen journaling. I’m cheating a bit and posting someone elses writing.  Kimberly Willis Holt :  http://apenandanest.blogspot.com/

Good news! It seems I have had two articles published. I received a check from Gannett Publications. Now, I am curious to find out which two articles and where they have been published. I’m putting my research skills to good use.

I read two good books last week- Crash by Jerry Spinelli and Tiger Rising by Kate Di Camillo- Both were excellent! Teachers, if you have any boy reluctant readers, give these books a try.

Gulls are gliding past my window, peeking in to see if I have any bread. They sit on my roof and wait. My writing buddy has returned once again and is bouncing on a thin branch staring into the canal.The ducks have increased in number and sit at my front door. Who knew ducks liked sharing their meals with cats. Mama duck will show up any day now with a trail of ducklings. She would lead them right into our house if we let her. Our dog sitter told us that the otters have found a way into our fence. I think they share a cramped home with the racoons. I have always wanted to be a Fern….now I am.


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