Our Family is Growing!

I could tell who she was by her eyes. For the past year I have watched her waddle up to my front door with a trail of little ones following close behind. I call her Mama Duck.

Sunday afternoon I went outside and found her all alone sitting on my sidewalk. This was unusual since her family has grown quite big and even her babies, who now outweigh her still keep her company. “Hi Mama Duck. What are doing out here by yourself?” Yes, amazingly enough I find it easier to talk to animals and children than adults. I pulled out the hose to water our new tree when I noticed something white in our mulch. It was an egg! A big egg!

    Feb.22nd Mama Duck

Monday morning Kai and I left for school at 7:30. There was Mama Duck laying her second egg with the proud father guarding her. We tiptoed away and when I returned…..

 Feb. 23rd   They love
drinking our well water-even though the canal is steps away.

This morning we left earlier. By 7:00 am, this is what we saw…

 Feb. 24th   They are
all watching over the eggs.
 I took this picture an hour ago- 9:15 am Feb. 24th. When I went outside there was a different female duck near the nest. Mama Duck was further away in the yard. This leads me to wonder if they take turns sitting on the eggs. Curiously, Mama Duck seems to spend more time watching over her eggs than actually sitting on them. Today when I bent down to take these pictures she came right up to me, stared with her knowing eyes and then waddled over to the water dish as if she was showing me it was empty.

I didn’t mention that these are Muscovy Ducks. More to come on that later. For now the estimated due date is March 29th!

While all this excitement was happening down below on our porch, there were some watchful eyes up above.


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