Letting Go

Letting Go

“What you resist persists.” Carl Jung

This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel with a close friend to Tallahassee to visit her daughter at FSU music camp. It had been a long time since we traveled together over a weekend. When our children were little we would take Christmas shopping trips to the other coast. We would escape one weekend every summer for a special trip that included wine, shopping, and relaxing in the sun in place of cooking, laundry, and Disney movies. Those times we shared helped cement our friendship. We spent hours discussing our roles as wives and mothers. So when the opportunity arose to spend time with my friend, I knew it was much needed. Just as a marriage and children need nurturing so does friendship.

This was an easy trip. My objective was simply to be a friend and go along for the ride. That’s what I did and I discovered the magic of letting go. I had no plans, no desires, no pre conceived notions of how the trip should turn out. I simply plopped my suitcase in the back, offered a piece of morning chocolate to my friend and off we went. Nine hours later I was staring at the FSU campus and all the beautiful oak trees and hills that surrounded it.

We walked into the residence hall where all the musical campers stayed. There we stood amongst hundreds of high schoolers chatting, listening to their iPods, banging on dorm doors and carrying large boxes of pizza. It was a chaotic mess that screamed of happiness and independence. We breathed and tip toed around the building knowing we were old intruders in their new world.

The next day I sat and listened to a concert. The campers I had seen running through the halls, dressed in shorts and tee-shirts transformed before my eyes into ladies and gentleman dressed in black and white performing difficult movements from classical music they had learned in one week. I was amazed. Two and half hours sailed by.

Soon we were in the car driving five hours to our next destination, Tampa. We arrived at our hotel tired and hungry, but it was the 4th and we knew we couldn’t pass up a fire works display at Channelside. Not knowing what to expect, we walked the short distance from our hotel to the Channelside shops. It was shoulder to shoulder people. We slipped inside a restaurant and we were immediately seated next to a giant window overlooking the water. Below us, we could see crowds of people waiting along the water’s edge. Within seconds, the fireworks began. It was the greatest fireworks display I had ever seen. My friend commented that everything just seemed to work on our trip…no stress…just perfect timing. Perhaps it was in our letting go and enjoying every step of our journey that allowed us to have three perfect stress free days of friendship, family, and laughter. Now I must take that lesson and apply it to my daily life, even when the laundry piles up,the house is a mess, we need groceries, and my teenager is going away to camp for the first time…far away! “Breathe….let go….trust.”- Feel the joy of every day.



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