I showed you a bright yellow sunflower standing majestic in the morning light.
You walked right by.

I played your favorite song on the radio.
You left the room.

I sent a cool breeze across your sweaty face.
You were wishing for rain.

I showed you the man begging for money.
You pretended not to notice and drove away.

I led you to a friend to share your thoughts.
You were too busy to talk.

I brought you to a mountain that touched the clouds.
You were worrying about tomorrow.

I called to the children, asking them to wake you.
You told them to grow up.

I will always be here even when you are not.
You can find me everywhere–Now


This morning I grabbed Sue Monk Kidd’s book, Firstlight. I took it outside with my coffee to watch the sunrise. I read of her quest to discover the amazement of life. Marriage n.-Close union- She said we must renew our marriage vows with life. I was thankful for the reminder.

I packed my son’s lunch and we hopped in the car. Suddenly, I heard the words above speaking clearly in my mind. I saw the cloud’s reflection in the calm waters of the Caloosahatchee.

On the way home I put in my Grease CD and sang at the top of my lungs. I loved that album when I was a child. I came home, remembered the words that spoke to me and wrote them down.


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