Florida is on the Right Track!

I want to shout from the mountaintops! I just received the best news this morning. http://www2.tbo.com/content/2009/sep/28/281746/fhsaa-considering-track-events-wheelchair-athletes/news-breaking/

True story: Yesterday I said several times to my husband that I didn’t know what was upwith me. I had an unusual amount of extra energy an excitement that I couldn’t explain. Something felt different.

Everyone went to bed. I was wide awake. I turned on PBS because I am an auditory learner and I love informational T.V. There was a documentary on our National Parks and John Muir.

I sat and watched and listened to all his beautiful quotes. I learned about his influence on President Roosevelt. I saw his passion for nature and his persistence in showing others the beauty that he knew existed in nature. He was a spiritual man. A thought kept coming to my mind as I watched. See his persistence, I need to be that persistent so kids with disabilities can participate in team sports. Learn from this inspirational man. I went to bed thankful for the lesson and plotting my next move.

This morning someone sent me the link above. My arms shot up into the air, a tear slid down my face and that energy from yesterday glowed from within.Thank you FHSAA for making strides to do what is right.Thank you for listening. Thank you to everyone who has let their voice be heard for Arielle and for all the disabled athletes who deserve to have the same opportunities as able bodied athletes. Thank You!

Florida is on the right track!



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