It was a beautiful fall day. The sky was blue, the air cool, and the wind blew golden and ginger colored leaves free from their branches and swirling to the ground. I walked and listened. Ten minutes earlier I had seen a white tailed deer. I wanted to take her picture but she disappeared into the thick brambles. My mind wondered back to my days living in Elizabethtown. I loved my walks in the woods alone. Back then I dreamed about my future. What would I be? Who would I marry? How many children would I have? Now, I was back in the woods with the answers to those questions but dreaming up new questions. I have always been a dreamer and I have always questioned my life. Yesterday, I realized for good or for bad, those qualities have been recognized by my children.

My daughter came home from school yesterday and told me how she and some friends are planning a road trip after graduation. Five or six of them want to pile in a car and go exploring. I said I thought that was a great idea. It’s over two years away so I figured she has lots of time to save her money and plan. Arielle then went on to tell me how one of her friends told her she dreams too much. They said there was no way she would be able to pay for such a trip and it was a ridiculous idea. Arielle was upset. I listened. I thought about my day in the woods. I wondered if maybe I had made a mistake by teaching my kids to keep dreaming. Am I not teaching them to be content with the way life is? Am I teaching them to always strive for something better? Is that a bad lesson? After all, I was a good teacher. I could have kept teaching and told myself getting a book published was only a dream and I shouldn’t even try. My children have watched as we sacrificed vacations, shopping trips and dinners out all in the name of following a dream. If I had been content, we certainly all would have newer clothes and a dinner at Carrabba’s wouldn’t seem like such a luxury.

As I headed back to my cabin that day in the woods my foot caught on a branch. I felt myself falling. My knee hit a rock and my camera tumbled to the ground along with the rest of me. Pain shot through my leg. It seems as though when something extraordinary happens, my first reaction is to laugh. Strange but true. I laughed, rubbed my knee and grabbed my camera. It was okay. I was still lying on the ground. I took a few deep breathes until the pain subsided. I looked up and saw light gleaming through the trees that towered over me. I took several pictures and realized, had I not fallen, I never would have seen such a wondrous sight. I had a different view sitting on the ground than I did standing. I brushed off the dirt from my jeans and noticed two small grass stains. At that moment I felt like a kid again. Thank goodness I fell.

Dreaming means taking risks. Dreaming means having to listen to others say ~ That’s a ridiculous idea. Or ~ You shouldn’t even try because…..

Dreaming means you may fall but in falling you will see a different view of the world that you never would have seen if you didn’t dream.

I spent four days with a group of women who have followed their dream. All of them were an inspiration to me. All of them are brave. They have a story to tell and regardless of the obstacles, they are going to tell their story.

Dreams are nothing more than thoughts. Fear is nothing more than thoughts. I want my children to know they have the ability to choose their thoughts. Whether they dream to travel the world or dream to create a three layer Halloween cake, the important thing is they believe in themselves and believe in possibilities.

K.D. Rausin

If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right. ~ Henry Ford


Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. ~Henry Ford


Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement. ~ Henry Ford


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