Holiday Bliss

Eric will be the first to say I get “weird” around the holidays. Maybe it’s all the mushy commercials on T.V. that promote buying material objects and suggesting that it’s the equivalent of love. Maybe it’s the fact that Elle’s accident was over the holidays and it brings back unpleasant memories. Or it could just be my own stubbornness. I’m going to be happy every day of the year not just Thanksgiving through Christmas. Who knows but frankly I’m not a holiday person. I don’t like to shop and I don’t like to decorate. Bah Humbug!

Here’s what I do like though. This morning I woke before both the kids, turned on the Ellen show and started my last batch of pizzelles and no bake chocolate peanut butter cookies. Elle eventually joined me. She asked if her brother was awake yet so he could make her a smoothie and then watched Ellen with me. We teared up when Ellen gave away a car to a single mom working twelve hour shifts to support her family. Elle pointed out how cute Nahla looked sleeping peacefully on her beanbag chair. Kai came downstairs, sat at the counter with Elle and asked why I was making more cookies. He made his sister a smoothie and she told him someday she would put him in her movies if he would make her smoothies every day. We all laughed. We watched John Travolta and his daughter on Ellen. I thought how difficult this time must be for his family trying to celebrate the holiday and missing their son.

I realized that what I love about the holidays is extra time with my kids. Two weeks of conversations during the day and unexpected moments of laughter. Car rides together, singing to the Grease CD and me dancing while driving – embarrassing both of them. Seeing Kai curled up in a blanket playing his X-Box. Shooting basketball with Elle at the gym and then both of us complaining about being sore the next day. Kai playing his songs over and over on the piano. Those are a few of my favorite things. I’m a lucky mom.



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