Life is Like a Messy Closet

We have a closet next to our front door. It has become a dumping ground for shoes, rip sticks, basketballs, seasonal decorations and rarely used coats and sweaters. I cringe every time I have to open it. There’s no light and usually a pile has built up on the floor and I never know what might fall out and injure my bare feet.


Two or three times a year I get fed up and pull everything out of the closet, vacuum up all the dirt from the shoes and put everything back in neatly. Then I think…Oh if only my friend Kim could see me now, she’d be so impressed. Kim was my super organized friend in high school who tried with her best effort to keep me organized. By our senior year she gave up and just laughed when she saw all the papers shoved into my notebook. “It’s here somewhere…I know I have it.” Kim would sit there and shake her head.


My closet is in its worst state right now. I feel a looming dread inside followed by-why should I clean it? Everyone’s going to mess it up again anyway? In the past my instructions to our family to keep everything in its place has failed miserably. It’s the open the door and toss it in, closet. And it’s my job to create some kind of order to the chaos.


Yesterday, while thinking about cleaning the closet – I’m usually not an immediate doer, especially when it comes to cleaning closets. I have to let jobs simmer in my mind for awhile before I take action. Once I decide to take action though, stay out of my way, I attack jobs with extreme focus until they are complete. Just ask any of my family members. They stay far away from me when I’m writing or cleaning for company. Yesterday, while thinking about cleaning the closet (See how I get off track so easily…that’s probably why I was never organized in high school. I’d have a paper in my hand and already be thinking about two or three unrelated topics. I’d shove the paper anywhere because I had already moved on.) Yesterday, while thinking about cleaning the closet,….. I realized that the closet is a lot like my life.

 I have a massive list of responsibilities piled up inside me. My family which includes many pets, a novel, this journal, housework, work, maintaining friendships, school meetings, volunteering, learning, and keeping fit are at the top of the pile. Sometimes I become overwhelmed. I want to give a hundred percent to everything and when I discover I can’t, I feel as though I have failed. That’s when I need to breathe and organize my inner closet. I have to put everything in its place neatly so I can see what I need to focus on each day. Feng Shui for the soul.


I always feel a great sense of accomplishment and control once all the decorations and shoes are neatly organized. I usually walk away wondering why I let the closet get so messy in the first place. I realize that I spent more time and energy getting upset about the chaos than actually doing something about it. It’s the same with my life. When I organize my responsibilities individually and tackle them one at a time, I accomplish a great deal more and I feel a sense of peace. I no longer see a giant insurmountable mess. I see blessings and I am reminded to be thankful for all that I have – even messy closets.
K.D. Rausin

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