Can’t You Smell That Smell… Not Anymore!

Bella keeps the boys in line.

I am doing the happy dance. No, not because I have signed with an agent, almost as good-I have discovered a formula that gets rid of the cat pee smell. After years of throwing away bathroom mats, backpacks and bedspreads and spending hours searching for the perfect product to spray or pour on the contaminated area, I am joyous to report that I have found the magic solution via the internet.

One of my five little darlings decided to use my couch as a litter box. My first thought was who was going to help me carry the couch to curb. It was ten years old anyway, perhaps it was time to redecorate. My husband didn’t feel the same way. Any good wife knows she must choose her battles wisely. And any money saved on preserving our odoriferous couch could be spent on a new Kindle or a writing conference in New York City. So, to the internet I went and actually typed in- How To Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell. To my surprise up popped

First, I laughed because the author of the blog had also carried a backpack that smelled funny. Then I bought all of the ingredients and decided I didn’t care if the hydrogen peroxide discolored my couch. I would rather have a good smelling couch than a pretty one. I poured the concoction over the cushions, scrubbed, and waited.

This morning I came downstairs and had a sudden urge to color Easter eggs. The pungent smell of vinegar tickled my nose. I grabbed the vacuum and got to work. My expectations were low. In twenty years of sharing my home with cats, nothing has ever worked to get rid of that horrid smell. I turned off the vacuum, pulled my hair back and leaned over to take a whiff. Nothing. I smelled nothing. I breathed in again. Gone! Victory! The smell had been defeated. My couch was saved. I high fived my husband and did my happy dance. Maybe now I can start planning my trip to New York City.


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