Open The Door

Everyday I drive to the end of our street, stop at the sign and glance to my right. There on a lanai in a tall metal cage is a beautiful Blue and Gold Macaw. Tied to the bars of his cage is a toddler’s busy box. He sits on his perch silent.

Surrounded by bars on a beautiful spring day he listens to the calls of the gulls, doves and osprey around him. Is he happy? His existence mind-numbing. My heart clenches every time I see him. Trapped. He’s blessed with wings that have a span of three and half feet, intelligence, thirty to fifty years of life and beautiful bright yellow and blue feathers. But he must wait for someone to open his cage.

How lucky am I that I don’t have to wait for anyone to set me free. If I choose to live my life following the same habits and patterns am I no different from the trapped Macaw?

I am rereading Sue Monk Kidd’s, FirstLight. It’s one of my favorite books. These are her beautiful words. The most gracious and courageous gift we can offer the world is our authenticity, our uniqueness, the expression of our true selves.


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