Every-Day Moments

There are times when I am filled with gratitude knowing that what I’m doing at that very moment is what life is all about. I may be listening to my son’s steel drum concert, watching my daughter race or sitting at the dinner table with my family laughing at how only I could ruin Pillsbury pizza dough. Those are the special moments that make life perfect. Too often I am distracted by my mental to-do list and those moments pass by barely noticed. There will always be laundry, dishes, bathrooms to clean and errands to run but there won’t always be two precious children sharing each day with me.

For the past several years I have had an Eckhart Tolle calendar hanging in my kitchen. This has been where I’ve written all of our family activities. December 31st I take the calendar down and place it in a drawer thinking one day it will be fun to look back and remember.

This August my daughter will be a senior and my son will be in eighth grade. Next May we will celebrate two graduations. Because I know how fast the school year can go, I have decided to add more to my calendar. At the end of each day I will list two things I was thankful for during that day. This way I’m sure to recognize at least two special moments of every day and not let all the responsibilities of being a parent cloud the love and gratitude I feel for my family. One day when I look back at my calendar I will remember more than the activities and project due dates, I will also remember what it felt like to be thankful for the special moments in between.

Thursday June 26th: 1. Being a chaperone and watching Kai play the drums during his steel concert. 2. Reading while listening to Elle’s music blasting from her bedroom and Kai’s guitar strumming upstairs.

Friday June 27th: 1. Booking a mother-daughter trip to N.Y.C. 2. Watching, I Am Number Four, with Elle and Kai. 3. The smile on Kai’s face when I handed him his Pizza Hut pizza!


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  1. Makenna
    May 29, 2011 @ 13:05:51

    Hi Krista! I loved your post. It was so beautiful and what excellent ideas you have regarding the calendar and remembering special moments. You should get a hold of Chelsea and see if they’d be able to meet you in NYC for a visit. They are only about a one hour or so train ride to the city. I hope it works out! Well, I better get going on working on my homework. Again, I really enjoyed reading your post. It was very special. Thanks for sharing.
    Makenna 🙂


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