Top 10 “Thank goodness I did that!” For Parents

Let’s face it. I was way too young when I started my family. I’ve made mistakes along the way. I’m still making mistakes. (Be sure to read my next blog for a real doozie.)

I have two teens in the house. One will be 18 in two months and eight days. This is time for refection. Here are the top 10 things I did right.  I really should say we did right. My husband deserves some credit. Why are they my top 10? Because I see what a positive difference these choices have made in my children.

For all the new moms out there this list is something to think about. I also must add one other choice I am extremely glad I made. I kept my daughter with her age group for kindergarten. I could have started her early. She was ready. At the time it was a real dilemma. Should I have her be the youngest in her class or one of the oldest? I chose oldest. Thank goodness because I’d have to say good-bye to her in a few weeks had it been based off readiness and not age. My selfishness aside, it’s worked out wonderfully for my daughter –  especially when it came time to get a license. If you’re struggling with the same issue you may want to check out Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers.

TOP 10 “Thank goodness I did that!” For Parents

1.  I connected with a group of moms and one dad when my oldest was in pre-school. We all put effort into our friendship and our children’s friendship over the years. Now we are family. Their support and their relationship with my children are invaluable.

2.  Family Vacations which included a trip to Europe

3.  Piano Lessons/Music Education

4.  School Involvement (I began volunteering when my oldest was in kindergarten.)

5.  High Expectations of Grades and an Arts Education

6.  Foster Parenting and Volunteer Work

7.  Fun Memorable Birthday Parties

8.  Taught “please and thank you” My kids have the best manners!

9. Family Dinners

10. Taught and will continue to teach: Positive Thinking

Out of curiosity I asked both my children what they liked about their childhood up to now. My daughter listed the play-group, specific family vacations, the arts schools she attended, wheelchair racing, and family dinners and movies. My son immediately named MARCATO the music group he belongs to, FSU jazz band camp, game nights, his i phone?, seeing Italy and Switzerland, and having pets. According to them I got numbers 1, 2, 3, 5 and 9 right.

Please feel free to leave comments with other great parenting ideas. I love comments and I love getting more dots on my map. (See my world map? Click on it – pretty cool!)

#3… Here’s Kai on his 13th birthday. All those piano lessons have paid off. He loves to play and I love to listen.



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