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Work Those Arms, Ladies!

Since I spend most of my mornings sitting in front of a computer, by noon, I’m ready to move. I walk right past the piles of laundry, jump in my car and head to the gym. I’m always looking for new exercises. Last December, I spotted a man who spent two hours doing push-ups and bicep curls. He was in his sixties and had arms and shoulders more defined than men half his age. I asked him about his push-up routine. He gave me some pointers and eight months later I’m stronger than I have ever been.

You don’t need to belong to a gym to do these push-ups. You can use a chair at home. I usually complete sets of 10-12 until I reach one hundred. In-between the sets I use free-weights or other machines. If you’re at home you could do push-ups while say… folding laundry or typing up lesson plans or even cooking dinner. Probably what I should do… nah.

Place your ankles on a bench or chair and do 8-12 push-ups. Stretch and repeat.

See how much fun it is! I'm laughing.

Now, when you get tired of the easy chair push-ups, you must try this. It’s become my favorite exercise at the gym. I turn on Pitbull’s Shake Senora Remix and try to do a set of twelve without toppling over. The challenge itself is what makes it so much fun.

Push-ups using a Bosu and exercise ball.

If you place the exercise ball under your knees it’s much easier than under your ankles. Even holding yourself up for more than a minute is difficult. Your arms will begin to shake just like the song says. Here’s a link if you want to purchase the Bosu ball to use at home.

I’m always looking for ways to change up my exercise routine. This past week I focused on the StairMaster. Painful. The week before I tried spin class. Painful. Then yesterday, they had some new posters plastered all over the gym. ZUMBA! I’m there. Somehow I don’t think all of the push-ups I’ve been doing are going to help me master Zumba class. I haveĀ feeling that attempting Zumba could make for a very funny post. Maybe they’ll play Shake Senora. In the meantime, work those arms, ladies! I guarantee you will see results if you stick with it. Good luck.

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