80’s Hair-Phobia and a Giveaway

Once upon a time there was a seventeen-year-old girl who had very big, very blond, very ugly hair.

That's her, second from the left with the biggest ugliest hair.

She spent hours in front of the mirror curling and spraying every strand until her entire head felt like cotton candy.

Finally, when she turned twenty she realized the poofy, sticky look wasn’t really working for her, neither were the various shades of blond. So she let her hair grow and vowed never to color it again. It grew and grew over the years and the girl cowered from anyone holding scissors. You could say she developed a bad case of 80’s hair-phobia. Can you blame her? Take another look at that picture.

One day while she was teaching, a beautiful, bubbly, kind mom floated into the room almost like an angel and handed her a gift certificate to a place called, the Rock for Hair and Nails. That’s where the woman (She’s not a girl anymore.) met Raquel, the most talented, most awesome, hair stylist in all the world. Raquel treated the woman’s 80’s hair-phobia with gentleness and kept her hairstyle updated so the woman didn’t look like she belonged in the 70’s. (Really long, really straight, plastered against your head look.)

After seven years, the woman felt like it was time for a change. She sat and discussed the possibilities with Raquel.

Maybe red highlights and spiked... or platinum blonde and shoulder length?

Raquel knew exactly what to do and she began cutting.

When Raquel and the woman get together they always have a great time. Here they’re discussing the differences between the teaching philosophies of postmodernism and social reconstruction.

And here Raquel is telling the woman all about her yoga classes and trying to convince the woman to give one of them a try. The woman’s not so sure about doing a headstand in front of a room full of strangers. What if she falls on her head… wait she’s already on her head. Yoga sounds much harder than Zumba class.

"There's beginning yoga and Bikram yoga, and...well paddleboarding is great too." She's thinking paddleboarding sounds much better - minus the lurking underwater creatures of course.

Raquel snipped and snipped away until it was time for the great reveal. The woman closed her eyes and Raquel grabbed the camera to capture the moment.


Perfect! But, it kinda looked similar to the haircut the woman’s had for years. That’s when the woman remembered. It wasn’t her hair she wanted to radically change. It was her blog! Thank goodness Raquel could read her mind so well. The woman’s 80’s hair-phobia might have sent her into shock if she saw red spikes protruding out the top of her head. Raquel saved the day again. She’s wonderful that way.

The woman was so grateful to Raquel that she decided to spread the word and tell of Raquel’s brilliance. She has a $20.00 gift certificate for the Rock. All you have to do to enter the woman’s very first giveaway is share this blog on your profile page on Facebook. (Click the Facebook button at the bottom of this post.) Then please send the woman an email, Facebook message or leave a comment to let her know you shared this post and entered the contest. Next Wednesday the woman will reveal the winner’s name chosen from a hat or bag or maybe even a pumpkin. Tomorrow’s September first which means it’s time to decorate for fall.

For those who are too far to travel to see Raquel, I’m sure the woman will have another giveaway soon. Maybe, Amazon, or an online bookstore. She’s open to ideas. If you have one, please leave a comment and let her know.

Meanwhile, you may notice some subtle or drastic changes to this blog in the next two weeks. The woman may have 80’s hair-phobia – fear of new colors or time-consuming hair styles but that doesn’t pertain at all to her blog. She’s vowed to let her creativity flow online. You may even see some bright colors!

All may enter the contest, I’ve seen lots of men and children at the Rock… good luck! I mean the woman has seen lots of men and children at the Rock… good luck.


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