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My Blog has Moved!

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New post coming soon! I hope you like the new look. Eric spent many hours learning how to do everything and for that I am extremely grateful. Yep, he can cook and develop blogs. I’m a lucky gal.


When I close my eyes, I see a giant snowball rolling down a white mountain. I am balancing on top, smiling, running as fast as I can, directing the snowball around trees and boulders, feeling the cool wind sting my cheeks. My heart races, the snowball grows, I am in control. Suddenly, I slip, the snowball consumes me and I am rolling down the mountain gasping for air, frozen with fear, my head spinning, my view of the beautiful mountain gone. I wonder where I will end up. I wonder if I will ever see the beautiful mountain again.

It is in the times of fear and unrest, when I am rolling down the mountain, that I want to run away and hide, disappear, and let the snowball roll on without me. Change has hit me and knocked me off kilter, leaving me questioning all that I thought I knew was true about my life. It is in this time that I realize my view of the mountain and my place on it was all just an illusion. Thinking that I am in control or feeling like I am being plowed over by life, it’s all in my mind. Maybe this is the lesson that change brings, find what is true, find what holds meaning and know that it is constant while life rolls on.

Go Red Knights!

Yesterday was the first high school football game of the season. The Red Knights won! Yeah!!!

The very cute and very talented Island Coast nerds were played by Josh M. and Kai Rausin. The very cool Red Knights were played by Oliver P. and Jon M.

This clip was created by Chelsea P., Oliver P., and Arielle Rausin. It’s amazing what teens can do with a video camera and editing software. And it all was inspired by Mr. B., T.V. Production teacher extraordinaire.

Eye OF The Tiger- Survivor- Written by Frankie Sullivan and Jim Peterik


I was asked to write about three milestones in my life for a magazine article. Here are the three I chose.

Milestones: K.D.Rausin

1. Being on the set of the movie, Ghost, with Patrick Swayze: I grew up in a small town with big dreams. When I was nineteen I took a plane to LA with absolutely no plan. I got in a cab and said, “Take me to the beach.” A few weeks later I was on the Paramount Studios lot as an extra. They sent me to wardrobe and put me in three inch heels. As I wobbled back to the set, a trailer door swung open and a shirtless Patrick Swayze called out for….well, I don’t even remember because I couldn’t breathe. There in front of me stood the star of Dirty Dancing. Even though the entire scene we shot that day ended up on the cutting room floor and I never saw myself on screen, that moment, seeing Patrick Swayze will forever be a reminder that dreams are worth chasing.

2. My first day as a classroom teacher: I stood in front of my open door with a huge smile and a queasy stomach. I had spent the past three months learning, preparing, decorating, and memorizing names. I don’t know who was more nervous, me or the twenty seven third graders that called me, Mrs. Rausin. My first day teaching was the beginning of a journey filled with love, compassion, frustration, patience and respect for all those who want to make a difference in the life of a child.

3. Finding the Reeve Foundation and becoming an ambassador to advocate for those with spinal cord injuries: I will never forget the phone call that changed my life. Watching my ten year old daughter lying in bed, crying, because she couldn’t feel or move her legs was devastating. Five years later hearing that my daughter as a wheelchair athlete could not participate in or even wear her school track uniform was infuriating. The Reeve Foundation showed me incredible support as I advocated for my daughter who eventually was allowed a position on the team. It is my hope that one day Florida will permit disabled athletes to compete on school sports teams along with able bodied athletes.

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Two Thoughts or More

It’s late and I am usually a morning writer, but all day I waited for some quiet and it never happened. I happily had a house full of kids.

Two things happened this past week that caught my attention and taught me a little lesson so I am going to share them.

Arielle asked me once, “Why does daddy always read those inspirational books?” I thought for a second. She was right. Eric reads books on how to succeed in life and business at least once a month. He’s been doing it for years. I knew instantly how to explain the reason why it’s necessary to keep reading these books. I asked her why we keep going to the gym. Why not go for a few weeks and learn the exercises and be done with it? Our mind needs that same kind of practice, otherwise we fall back into old habits. She understood. She got me thinking about Eric’s books and I picked up his latest. Extreme Success by Rich Fettke.

I read about a man who was training for a karate tournament. In order to get his body in shape he would count calories and fat intake along with a rigorous workout schedule. He would not allow himself to have any beer during this time. Most people hide the food they don’t want to eat or drink. Out of sight, out of mind- But he places several beers in the front of his fridge. He opens the door and congratulates himself for having a strong mind. Every time he refuses the beer and succeeds, he gains strength to get him through the next day. I thought this was brilliant. I am not a dieter but I loved this way of viewing a challenge. See yourself as strong and congratulate yourself several times a day for being strong. You win every day instead of trying to get through a significant amount of time with a possible prize at the end. I like it!

Of course I had to share it with Elle who then said, “Let’s do it!” Now I get to congratulate myself everyday for not eating sweets.Do you know how much Halloween candy I have in my house? Her race is on Tuesday. Wednesday is chocolate day no matter what the scale says!-

I’ll have to write more on Monday. My eyes are closing. I’m not quite the night writer I used to be.
Tomorrow we are off to Miami to see the Dolphins play. My first pro football game ever…..I think.
I’m sure the Dolphins will get lots of homeruns.

Thank you

Thank you for the emails asking about more posts on my journal. I have been busy working on another writing project…due today. So, more to come very soon:)

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