Music Monday // I Won’t Give Up

This man has a gift for reaching others with his music. Love this song.

Talk Less, Say More

It’s not often that I talk about popular music here.  I mean, I guess I do but I also like to share the new stuff you might not have heard of or new music by the artists you have.

And then this song was on the radio the other day and it was like a knife being jabbed into my soul; it struck a chord; I felt something.

Whether you’re a fan of Jason Mraz or not, I don’t care; listen to this.  There’s passion; there’s a story; there’s something to relate to, especially if you’re going through something.  Just listen.  It’s 4 1/2 minutes of your time and I don’t think you’ll beg for it back.  In fact, I think it’ll become an hour of your time as you play it over and over again, but an hour well spent.  At least that’s how I’ve spent many hours this…

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Our family went to see Jason Mraz in concert several months ago. There was something about the energy of the concert and his words that resonated within me. Later I did a little research and found this. I like what he has to say about the clouds of potential thought. He chooses not to identify with them, knowing they could lead him down the wrong path.  K.D.Rausin

 Jason Mraz

Everyday I wake up and my voice is gone. It’s a weary thought to wear each day. My job is to cultivate new energy constantly in order to be present for your handshake or your hug or your camera’s lens or your generous listening. Each day I give my all with great humility and devotion, just a servant to so many songs.

Some days the energy falls short and the vocals drift out of range leaving my vacant human shape to whistle as the wind of a quiet audience passes through me. I liken it to the weight of a broken heart.

I didn’t choose to be this.And it is neither I who finds the words. Not even these. I’m nothing more than two hands being gazed upon by a pair of lens corrected eyes and it appears I’m just taking notes.

I’m not the person you want to meet. The music is. And the music is alive in you as much as it is in me. We created it together. Therefore, you already know me. We’ve already hugged and kissed. We grew close for a moment and then said our goodbyes.

It took my breath away.

The clouds of potential thought are heavy today. It feels like rain. I fear what would happen if I identified too strongly with one of those clouds. To do so would be to let my mind stop me from having a good time. And so, I take cover under the umbrella of the Tao Te Ching.

Being and non-being are born of each other,
Difficulty and ease form one another,
Long and short mutually define,
High and Low to each other incline,
Tone and voice as one align,
Front and back each other bind.

-Lao Tzu, translated by Patrick Byrne

It takes a crane to build a crane.
Thanks for building me.


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